Our research methodology involves the combination of primary and secondary research.

The important method of the process is mentioned below:

  1. Data Gathering: It includes the collection of data or information related to the market through different resources.
  2. Statistical Analysis: It includes the analysis of the data which is gathered and scrutinizes the collected data from all the sources.
  3. Formulating Market: This step relies on the data gathered and analysed for creating proper market spaces resulting an outcome.
  4. Validation:  This step helps in designing the Ultimate process by reaching the approximate calculation based on validated data subject to accuracy and flexibility.
  5. Final Model: The formulated data and validated process leads to the final mode as a result of publishing.

Primary Research:

Interviews conducted with the manufacturers, distributors, industry experts, consultants and many more which is largely based on tele-interviews and online surveys.

Secondary Research:

Secondary research is a research method that involves using already existing data. Existing data is summarized and collated to increase the overall effectiveness of research.

Secondary research includes research material published in research reports and similar documents. The documents are available by public libraries, websites, data obtained from filled in surveys etc. Government and non-government agencies like WHO, NGO, world bank and also some third party like wealth management publications.