The international pharmaceutical marketplace is experiencing steady growth due to the worldwide increase in life expectancy, and the increasing occurrence of chronic and infectious diseases. The growing demand for innovative medicines has led to a significant increase in investments in Research & Development in the pharmaceutical industry. The main players in the industry give out about 20% of their turnover to R & D in order to maintain a competitive advantage. The emergence of biopharmaceutical products has opened up a new space for drug discovery, and advances in the fields of proteomics and genomics have also allowed drug manufacturers to create more effective drugs and therapies. While the pharmaceutical industry has begun to attract significant public funds and tax exemptions, it still faces the challenges of short product life cycles and the development of highly successful medicines. The pharmaceutical industry is largely dominated by the United States, which holds around 45% of the world market share. Still, the pharmaceutical markets in mature economies such as China and India are estimated to show double-digit growth. This is because the global pharmaceutical giants are more and more outsourcing Research & Development to reduce costs and take benefit of the scientific working group in these countries.


Recent scientific advances have allowed pharmaceutical companies to discover miraculous treatments. Though, painstaking clinical trials and inflexible approval processes are hampering the launch of new drugs. In addition, pharmaceutical companies fear a slowdown in profits due to the imminent expiration of patents. In this context, each decision of the companies in the pharmaceutical sector must be supported by valid evidence. Pharmaceutical companies are teetering under constant pressure to justify their investment options, contain costs and be quick in their response to the dynamic changes in the industry. If a health care expert makes a decision, it should be worthwhile for patients and for the health care ecosystem in general. Therefore, it is imperative that companies obtain appropriate data not only to sustain expansion but also to stay ahead of the competition. Reports provided by Axel Reports make prolific sources of the most recent data and propose strategic potential areas for industries operating in the pharmaceutical sector. Through our substantial research, we provide honest information and shed light on the opposing thoughts of doctors, market participants, patients as well as payers.

Clinical Trials

The growing demand for personalized medicines and the globalization of clinical trials are the two main drivers of growth in this segment. In addition to this, the imminent expiration of highly successful drug patents and the emergence of biosimilars have stimulated growth prospects in the clinical trials market. Axel Reports research studies highlight the trends that market players should take to achieve sustainable growth.

Drug Delivery

Our research clarifies how the increased demand for home care, generic medicines and biosimilars will allow the drug administration sector to gain momentum. To control the growing incidence of chronic diseases, pharmaceutical companies are required to increase their R & D efforts. Vigorous advances in available therapies are, therefore, necessary for organizations to maintain growth. Our studies focus on the next technologies in the field of drug delivery.

Drug Discovery

As a drug discovery company, the latest times potentially make the testing phase more for you. The increasing incidence of various life-threatening diseases has fueled the demand for drug discovery. In addition to this, recent developments in the field of biotechnology, genomics, and molecular biology have created an environment favorable to growth. Axel Reports offer an in-depth analysis of the drug discovery market. When compiling market studies, we follow a holistic approach to cover the specific assessment of the region, as well as the competitive perspectives at a regional and global scale.


Oncology Drugs

As a result of increased R & D efforts in cancer treatment, healthcare providers and patients are being attracted with a multitude of options. However, this has fueled several complexities in the treatment options. In addition to this, the increasing willingness of patients to spend on advanced treatment options, the prevalence of unmet needs and a swelling of new medications are some of the factors that will exert a considerable influence on the department of oncology drugs.

Vitamins & Dietary Supplements

The demand for vitamins and dietary supplements has increased considerably in recent years. In addition to the growth observed in developed countries, market players have lucrative prospects in emerging countries to maintain a positive trajectory in the coming years. Axel Reports well-researched market studies to help market players realize their true growth potential.