Information & communication technology

The Information Technology and Telecom sector are changing faster than expected. With the digitization that has driven the change in this sector by itself; a 360-degree view of the IT and telecommunications ecosystem and adjacent markets is desirable, now more than ever. The mass adoption of digital technologies connected through various vertical industries has stimulated growth in IT and Telecom Sector. The rapid proliferation of over-the-top content, the staggering increase in data traffic, the automation of services, the unbridled implementation of 4G and 5G networks and the arrival of network functional virtualizations confirm important advances in the IT and telecommunications sector. Companies, however, must rationalize their strategies to benefit from growth prospects. Our reports on consumer analysis and real-time data provide in-depth insights into the prevailing trends. We offer practical and proven solutions to expand the regional footprint and retain existing customers.



The execution of cloud strategies initially began as a cost-cutting move. However, during the last two years, companies have invested in cloud technologies to accelerate their race through competition to the top of the game. As their new goal, companies have undertaken seamless deployment of different models and environments of a cloud. Our reports offer tips to help you navigate your business through the rapidly changing cloud model. We also provide information on various trends that influence consumer behavior.

Digital Transformation

Digital technologies are innovated at an unprecedented rate. These advances and robust technological updates influence consumer behavior and the way companies operate on a global scale. Therefore, a growing number of companies today rely on consistent digital strategies to keep existing clients and attract new customers. Our team of experts uses extensive market knowledge to provide valuable recommendations. Market studies by Axel Reports can help companies seize opportunities and exceed their growth objectives.

Hardware/Software & IT services

Information technology services have become indispensable for companies scheduling to gain an advantage over their competitors. However, to focus on their core competencies, lots of companies outsource IT operations, for example, infrastructure and application management, to IT service providers. Those IT service providers have innovative technologies to execute operations for their B2B clients. They are looking for experts in domains that, in turn, boost their IT requirements, helping their businesses grow. Based on extensive primary and secondary research, we offer insights on various growth opportunities and threats in the industry.


High-performance computing

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), digital commerce has been able to look beyond personal computers, cell phones, and tablets. It now includes a myriad of things, like connected cars, consumer appliances, smart gadgets, sensors, fashion accessories, among others. It is likely that these connected devices will become significant tools for companies and brand strategists seeking to bridge the gap between online commerce and physical outlets. Axel Reports provide a complete synopsis of the IoT ecosystem. With our team of experts who are particularly attentive to evaluating market trends offer the most holistic studies on IoT sector.

Telecom & Internet

It is likely that the demand for Internet and telecommunications services will increase as the cost of connectivity decreases worldwide. In the context of prevailing competition, most companies are willing to offer telecommunications and Internet services at competitive prices. This, however, can lead to an outburst of connected devices. With increasingly smartphones getting cheaper every day and the advent of the Internet of Things, the world will soon require a complete restructuring to support low-cost hosting services. Our reports are compiled to help you assess threats and opportunities in this sector. AxelReports will help you identify and prioritize your business objectives to make a mark in the industry.

Wireless & networking

The wireless and networking industry is characterized by the evolution of demand and consumer technologies, as well as repeated innovations in products and services. Therefore, service providers in this sector are being driven to implement next-generation technologies to offer higher data speed and greater bandwidth to users. The wireless and networking industry is expanding at a faster pace. It is also exhibiting a considerably high penetration speed throughout the world. Through our well-researched reports, we provide information and assistance to our clients on how to identify opportunities and threats. We help them make smart decisions based on a deep understanding of the market in which they operate.