Food & beverages

The food and beverage industry has retained its domination among the highest revenue generation sector for decades. This industry has challenged every economic upheaval. Although this may encourage newcomers to exploit success in the food and beverage industry, but we insist that you present yourself in advance with new products, new packaging and innovative techniques. We propose you take advantage of the abundant opportunities that are expected to be offered by consumer cravings for exotic and new foods and the trend towards healthier eating choices. In addition, there is a clear change in the patterns of food consumption from unprocessed foods to processed and ultra-processed foods. Hectic lifestyles in developed nations have led to a downward trend in the kitchen and an increasing tendency towards snacking. Today, consumers are more inclined to buy processed foods such as bread or cereals, frozen packaged foods and processed meat or fish. This has led to the growing demand for various types of convenience foods, which, in turn, are expected to drive the consumption volumes of food processing ingredients in food and beverage industry.


Similarly, there are several other factors that also affect the consumer’s choice of food and beverage products, including your fondness for clean label products. Clean label products are products that are free of GMOs, artificial ingredients and allergens, and both natural and organic. The clean label trend is gaining global importance, especially in North America and Europe, with markets in developing regions such as Asia Pacific, South America and the rest of the world, experiencing a steady increase in demand. Consumers are increasingly aware of the negative effects of the use of artificial ingredients. The growing demand for clean label products by consumers and the industrial response to these demands can be well represented in the growing market for these products, which will be affected by several product launches of the product type in various subcategories of food in 2015.


The concept of smaller cans and bottles, recipes for reprocessing and the growth of energy and sports drinks are some of the emerging trends that will swallow up the market in the coming years. Get the most from our carefully researched solutions to optimize your consumption, cost and energy supply, and stay competitive in individual markets. Despite the growing popularity of alcoholic beverages, the non-alcoholic beverages sector still has a lot to offer.


The agricultural industry has undergone enormous changes since the Green Revolution that began in the second half of the 20th century. Modern advancement in agriculture is shaping the future of the industry as agricultural professionals face the challenge of keeping up with the progressively rapid changes in agricultural research and equipment technology. To meet consumer demand, it is crucial that you focus on technology trends, such as biotechnology and sustainable agriculture, to stay one step ahead in the game.

Food Market

The evolving nature of the food industry needs an attentive eye that makes a planned effort to understand the finer details. Characterized by the changing demands of consumers and the evolving tastes, the food industry yearns for constant innovation in the development of packaging and production. Axelreports offer you the opportunity to stay updated with the changing dynamics of the industry. Areas of particular interest, such as customer loyalty, mystery shopping, and taste testing, should be carefully analyzed if you intend to become an invincible player in the food & beverage industry.


Food Ingredients

Make the most of the remarkable momentum that the food ingredients market is expected to receive, as healthy trends define demand. The relentless expectations of current consumers concerned about health will drive this market in the future. We believe there is a lot to learn and unlearn. Discovering and exploring the ever-changing needs of different consumers is the key to success in this market. Get detailed information on synthetic parallels and organic products to discover high performance areas.

Food Service

The food service industry relies on the foothold of how fast, how clean and how creative an experience can be. From personalized food menus to the best food ingredients, customers look for unforgettable experiences. This industry is also due to the convenience it can offer to end users. We are aware of these essential aspects and, therefore, we offer suggestions on how you can improve your services. Review our reports to get an exclusive view of the next trends in this fast-paced and constantly changing food service industry.