Automotive & Transport

The automotive and transportation sector has grown worldwide, showing strong growth in both developed and emerging countries. While lucrative opportunities are emerging as consumers voluntarily spend on the latest vehicle models, stringent emission control regulations and economic instability could become major obstacles. Nevertheless, strict regulations to reduce pollution have pushed car manufacturers to manufacture electric and hybrid vehicles. In the context of the latest developments, the transport and automobile sector has had the difficult task of incorporating several fundamental improvements to existing technologies while complying with the regulations in force.Our automotive and transportation reports provide an innovative analysis using an unprecedented study of current industry trends. We closely monitor the revenue and expense patterns of various countries to help your business prosper.



Sustained growth is gradually becoming difficult for small manufacturers as the main players consolidate their market share by expanding their regional penetration. Meanwhile, numerous markets, which were profitable in the past, are gradually reaching saturation. The latest trend in the automotive sector is the shift towards alternative fuels. At AxelReports, we take a proactive approach to identifying innovation opportunities and providing information on next-generation technologies in the automobile sector, such as connected cars, emission control technologies hybrid vehicles and driverless cars.

Automotive Parts

In response to the growing demand for auto parts, the sector is facing headwinds caused by an overcrowded market. In addition, sales are limited due to the extended life cycle of cars and strict regulations. In the current scenario, it is crucial for auto parts manufacturers to find ways to increase their revenues and maximize profits in after-sales services. We offer solutions to help traditional and new businesses create a successful pricing strategy. Our recommendations aim to reduce overhead costs while boosting sales.

Engine & Exhaust Systems

Due to evolving emission standards and increasing demand for improved performance, engines and exhaust systems are at the forefront of research and design to deliver high performance, better economy fuel efficiency, improved vehicle performance, and passenger comfort. New technological changes, such as Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI), Variable Valve Timing (VVT) and Direct Common Rail Fuel Injection (CRDI), are being used to improve fuel efficiency, reduce weight and reduce fuel consumption. Axelreports’ Automotive & Transportation offers a broad range of business research and consulting solutions for all engine and engine component segments, covering all manufacturers and suppliers of engines and engine components. On the demand and regulatory side, we operate with independent design and validation agencies, automobile manufacturers and assemblers.



While the marine sector is facing declining freight rates, sluggish economic growth and overcapacity, all eyes are on a host of new developments that could intensify the challenges for stakeholders. In addition, importers, freight carriers, postal operators and exporters are also beginning to be wary of new regulations. The marine sector is vulnerable to trade and political developments, where any unforeseen shock can hinder sustainable growth. Our reports provide a more accurate perspective for marine businesses. We identify the most lucrative opportunities for companies in this sector.

Public Transport

Companies in the public transport sector want to diversify, develop and accelerate their activities in new markets and new technological fields. While the demand for public transport is steadily increasing over the years, businesses are struggling to cope with the same difficulties due to financial constraints. In addition, the sector also suffers from mismanagement, government subsidies and, in general, poor quality services in some countries. Our reports contain advanced information and recommendations to help solve the above problems.

Driving Support and Security

Regulatory and high consumer interest in support and safety applications is driving the market for innovative and high-tech solutions for both driving support and safety systems. The ADAS market is primarily fueled by the regulations pertaining to vehicle safety, changing consumer preferences, along with the demand for premium passenger cars. Connected car, V2V, and V2I will play a major role in the safety applications for accident prevention, driving comfort, and enhanced safety. ACC, traffic sign recognition, lane departure warning, blind spot detection, night vision systems, ESC, ABS, and other technologies are expected to increase in the near future. AxelReports Automotive & Transportation practice provides a wide scale of business research and strategic consulting for all the key and niche technologies associated with the driving support, safety, and security solutions within the automotive market from both demand and supply sides.