Aerospace & Defence

With our extensive international research, we help our customers to address various challenges associated with the complex nature of the defense industry. We are perfectly equipped to offer you our experience in constant political instability and the growing need to improve the arsenal to avoid any kind of threat. From cybersecurity to smart technologies, AxelReports guarantees that your goals will be ours too. We cover a wide range of topics to help you make truly globalized decisions, strategic partnerships and the creation of specialized business areas.



Commercial aviation companies are expected to have a bright future due to falling fuel prices and rising per capita income of people in developing economies. However, as fuel prices show some volatility, resource optimization will always remain a major concern for this sector. This, joined with increased pressure on the industry to cut emissions, is driving the need for innovation to reduce the weight of components in fleets. AxelReports has worked on numerous market reports and has consulted studies that address various weaknesses in this sector, focusing on emerging and niche technologies and their evolution.


Currently, the New Space industry is made up of over 1,000 companies worldwide and is also one of the most innovative industries. Small architectures of satellite constellations, reusable launch vehicles, space travel, and other technologies have attracted new investors in this sector. Right from Silicon Valley venture capital companies to national governments are trying to hit the space industry as a gateway to economic growth. Space is rapidly becoming an area in which the industries that fuel our global economy will carry out business.


The astonishing growth of the ammunition industry demonstrates the urgency of personal safety. The change in geopolitical tensions and territorial conflicts are additional factors that promote the sale of various types of ammunition. Hard opinions in favor of military modernization programs, particularly in developing economies all over the globe, will also be responsible for the changing face of the ammunition industry. Economic inequalities and political instabilities could be the main reasons for the recent armed conflicts between several countries. This has led several countries to stay prepared by strengthening their defense division, and ammunition is one of the first steps to achieve this goal. We have compiled our years of research in international markets and our experience in unstable political scenarios will help you understand the trajectory the ammunition industry will take in the coming years.


Homeland Defense

Our researchers predicted that homeland defense markets would offer strong growth opportunities through government initiatives, as the prevention of cross-border infiltration and territorial wars is more important than ever. The lack of qualified professionals to use national defense equipment and the high price of products could slightly hinder the growth of the sector. However, companies will discover promising opportunities created by the growing demands for information security in private and public sector organizations. Discover the unlimited potential of the homeland defense sector with our comprehensive reporting repository.

Infantry Weapons & Equipment

With endless wars going around the world, it is crucial to know how wars will affect the world in the years to come. Major markets for infantry weapons and equipment, such as smart weapons, are expected to grow steadily in the near future. Factors that may contribute to the growth of the sector include increasing government spending on defense modernization, heightened vigilance and border security awareness, increasing demand for precision weapons, and increasing purchases of military equipment. To help you define winning strategies in this area, we have identified key areas that are expected to experience major technological breakthroughs to fight smarter wars.

Military Aerospace & Defense

The digital transformation and evolving economies have triggered urgency among nations to stay on the cutting edge of the latest trends. Increased travel activity and lower crude oil prices have globally transformed the military, aerospace and defense sectors around the world. Increasing spending on state-of-the-art military equipment and defense gear is creating huge opportunities for global players operating in this sector. For better financial and operational benefits, take a look at our comprehensive analysis of these areas.

Military Unmanned Systems

Unmanned military systems are an integral part of the military arsenal of countries around the world. These systems have changed the whole dynamics of war in the present era. Our SMEs expect unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to become more useful in the coming years. In addition to defense, unmanned sea vehicles will be used for scientific research and oil and gas exploration. Through our reports, we help you know the future of unmanned systems and that of war, research, security, and surveillance.